North Central Washington Prospectors 






North Central Washington Prospectors (NCWP) Mission is to assist members in the methods, procedures and organization of small scale mining.



Our Vision is to bring together those people with a common interest in all aspects of small scale mining including manufacturers, vendors, and dealers of mining equipment and members of federal, state and local governments in an effort to promote our common interest.



North Central Washington Prospectors originally began on December 3, 1977 and was then known as the North Central Cascade Minders Association. The dues at the time were only $5.00 annually. Records show that the club started with only (5) members. Presently,  North Central Washington Prospectors boasts over 400 members and growing.

Where to Find Us:

North Central Washington Prospectors


PO BOX 5208
Wenatchee, WA 98807-5208

Phone: 509 884-3269

~Tom Little - President

The Club With Benefits

  • Many Claims
  • Free Camping
  • Family Outings
  • Learning, Fun or Hobby

2014 Monthly Meetings

January 20, 7pm - 9pm

February 17, 7pm - 9pm

March 17, 7pm - 9pm

April 21, 7pm - 9pm

May 19, 7pm - 9pm

June 16, 7pm - 9pm

July 21, 7pm - 9pm

August 18, 7pm - 9pm

September 15, 7pm - 9pm

October 20, 7pm - 9pm

November 17, 7pm - 9pm

December TBD

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