NCWP's Updated Rules and Regulations

Hydrolic Project Aproval (HPA) are not allowed on any NCWP claims other than the new Golden Meadow Placer and Horse Bend Placer claims.


Camping is limited to 2 weeks at a time on a single claim (US Forest Service rule). You may move to another claim and start another 2 weeks stay


Equipment check out is limited to 7 days


Pack it in, Pack it out


All holes dug must be filled back in prior to leaving


Hydro Force nozzles are not allowed on any of our claims.. (Pending)


4 Inch Max intake on dredge nozzle


You may take a guest to the claim only twice and then they must join NCWP





Where to Find Us:

North Central Washington Prospectors


PO BOX 5208
Wenatchee, WA 98807-5208

Phone: 509 431-4202

~Joanne Van Steenkist

- President

The Club With Benefits


  • Free camping
  • Family outings
  • Fun hobby
  • Avaliable instruction
  • Access to over 425 acres of workable claims

Monthly Meetings

All meetings to be held from

7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The 3rd Monday of the month

Meetings are held at

The Virgil Hutchinson

Memorial Building

180 Rock Island Road

East Wenatchee, Wa.

2019 Dates
Jan. 21st Meeting
Feb 18th
Meeting & Bake Auction
Feb. 22nd - 24th
Sportsmen Show
Feb 23rd -24th
Monroe Gold Show
March 8th-10th
Home Show
Mar. 16th & 17th
Idaho Gold Show
Mar. 18th Meeting
Apr. 13th & 14th
NCWP Gold Show
April 15th Meeting
May 20th Meeting
June 17th Meeting
July 15th Meeting
Aug. 19th Meeting
Aug. 23th - 25th
Miners Rally in Liberty
Sept. 16th Meeting &
Election Nominations
Oct. 21st Meeting &
Election Nominations
Nov. 18th
Meeting & Elections
Dec. ??
NCWP Christmas Party



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